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Volume : 34   Issue : 1  Year : 2020

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: 34 (2)
Volume: 34  Issue: 2 - 2020
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6.Comparison of two different surgical methods in the treatment of congenital duodenal obstructions
İrem İnanc, Ümit Nusret Başaran, Dinçer Avlan
doi: 10.5222/JTAPS.2020.46548  Pages 39 - 43

7.Histological and immunohistochemical comparison of the ligament located inside the inguinal hernia sac of the girl children and adult women round ligament
Canan Öztürk, Münevver Hoşgör
doi: 10.5222/JTAPS.2020.79836  Pages 44 - 52

8.Does the use of diapers have an effect on complications of circumcision?
Mehmet Demir, Hüseyin Eren
doi: 10.5222/JTAPS.2020.91328  Pages 53 - 57

9.Laparoscopy in non-palpable testis: single surgeon experience
Fatih Akova
doi: 10.5222/JTAPS.2020.65042  Pages 58 - 64

10.Changing risk factors and surgical outcomes of cholecystectomy in children through the years: our 10-year experience
Berat Dilek Demirel, Sertaç Hancıoğlu, Beytullah Yağız, Ünal Bıçakcı, Mehmet Ender Ariturk, Rıza Ferit Bernay
doi: 10.5222/JTAPS.2020.46503  Pages 65 - 71

11.A rare cause of vestibular mass: Urethral prolapse in a nine-year-old girl
Ahmet Atıcı, Halime Ekinci, Mehmet Emin Çelikkaya, Bülent Akçora
doi: 10.5222/JTAPS.2020.15046  Pages 72 - 74

12.A case of very late diagnosed pediatric gastric trichobezoar
Fatma Sarac, Güzide Doğan, Adil Koyuncu, Nurdan Aydın, Nilgun Selcuk Duru
doi: 10.5222/JTAPS.2020.26122  Pages 75 - 78

13.From the Literature

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